thinking is the best way to travel

... I saw today, that they are going to use Mind
Fitfullness Training on the troops, doing yoga
and chanting, to help alleviate PTSD

... they call it yoga for the brain ... being mindful
of what is happening in the big picture ... always in
the present, but aware of the past, and projecting good
futures ... generating hope

... I would like to suggest an even better mind training
technique, to make one feel good about oneself, after being
in battle

... that is adopt a religion, a belief in a set of gods,
... a set of gods who say it is OK to vanquish a bad guy
here and there ... it's like the white blood cells killing
off invaders into the body

... Christianity is not a good religion for creating winners,
because it makes you feel guilty for what you did
... play that against a religion that says: there are evil
forces in this world, and if you encounter it, you are doing
the cosmos a great favor by destroying it

... some bad humans are running around, and if the forces
of goodness don't stomp them down, they will come back
to haunt us

... the greats gods who run the material world from their
spiritual bunkers, need good men who will stomp out bad guys

... once you accept that, and realize you were only helping the gods
sort things out, then you are relieved of guilt

... you are doing a favor for your God, gods and goddesses

... Pan is a cool god to invoke, as is Shiva

... Shiva is the big daddy of them all, when Shiva comes
to play, all opponents lose

... having the gods to talk to in your head, when you are
facing the darkest of times, is a useful opiate to have

... besides, after reaching my current age, I will swear on
a stack of unread bibles that there is more going on in
the unseen world of the dark energy than what we perceive
in the visible world

... I've seen the magic at work in this world ... it has something to
do with Time, of which we mere humans, know very little about, other than
it moves forward

... you have to believe in gods who are on your side, that
is the one advantage the islamic terrorists have, is they
believe they are dying for Allah ... I mean they truly believe it.

... but there are good gods which we can believe in, who say
it is good and spiritually elevating to kill bad guys

... like I said, I've seen the powers at work, but I can't
say how it's done ... it's beyond my limited 4 dimensional comprehension

... but 1 thing is for sure, it's all cool in heaven, the gods
don't hate us for defending our way of life

© 2013 by zentara