rivers on Mars

... I saw today that some European space scientists
have found definite pictures of a river and all its
tributaries on Mars

... it is almost certain that there was a water-rain
cycle operating in the Martian atmosphere at some time
in the past

... imagine what earth would look like, if it was
utterly devoid of surface water, a million years
from now, all the water evaporated off into space

... we might see the Grand Canyon as a weather-worn
river system ... only its basic outline left ... all
the depth blown away with the winds of Time

... it reminds me again, of an old hypothesis I first
learned of in a book by Hugh Downs, wherein he asks:
How could Mars have at one time had a water bearing
atmosphere, when now it dosn't

... what happened?

... he postulates quite well in my opinion, that a planet
needs a certain gravitational mass, a certain size, to hold
onto a gas atmosphere, laden with water vapor
... otherwise the gasses just slowly leak off into space

... the conclusion, is that Mars must have shrunk in mass
over Time, and at one Time eons ago, it was big, young, and
strong, with a nice blanket of air around it.

... but just like every good answer, generates a thousand new
questions, we have to ask? Do planets age? Do they grow old
and shrivel up, like the humans do?
If Mars is shrinking,
does Earth do the same?

... the question then becomes, what causes planets to age and shrink?

... maybe it's just an effect of gravity itself, by pulling so many
atoms and molecules together, a quantuum mechanical effect occurs
where it becomes more likely for atoms to go into non-existence...
return into the dark energy fields

... and atom by atom, over an incredibly long time, the planet loses
mass, and hits a tipping point where the gravity is not strong
enough to resist the forces of the solar wind, and the planet's atmosphere
is blown off into space

... it is something to think about, the next time you get thirsty

© 2013 by zentara