they are not messing around

... the recent overrunning of the Algerian natural gas
facility, with the loss of hostages, sets the stage
for a real heating up of the cold war between the
terrorists and the West

... as a man, I can definitely see the Algerian military's approach
as being the way to go ... it definitely sends a message
that taking hostages will not work as a tactic

... the people who work at these facilities need to start
thinking about how to defend themselves ... because they
are sitting ducks out there

... maybe cement underground bunkers for hiding, with claymores
guarding the doors and vents, and on-demand helicopter gun ships
available with a 911 call

... it seems to me analagous to gang warfare. The nation-states
are no more than the most powerful gangs, and the terrorists
are religously brainwashed souls, who want nothing more than
to martyr themselves ... they are the upstart gangs

... it's time we start to toughen up and get psychologically
prepared for the news, because it's gang warefare on a global scale

... no negotiations for hostages, kill them all and let God
sort them out

... an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

... what puzzles me, is why aren't these young islamic youths
aspiring to going to Abu Dabai or Dubai, and leading the good life?

... instead they go out in a blaze of glory for their belief system

... I really don't think Allah condones what they are doing

... I wonder who finances all these crazy zealots? Cui bono? Who benefits?

© 2013 by zentara