camping in space

... I read today that the space station is going to receive
a new space tent for testing

... all you need in space, to live, is a pressurized air bubble,
a big balloon ... and you can live inside

... they are testing it to see how well the fabric holds up
to space radiation and temperatures

... they say the future will be many cheap bubble tents in space

... it is so much cheaper to send a tent into space, rather than
an aluminum travel trailer, that tents will be the way to go

... I could envision a whole space station of interconnected
bubbles and inflatable pressurized connectors

... they would be easy to patch, in case space junk ripped thru
them ... you could have emergency duct tape patch stations located throughout
the inside of the bubble

... I would want to have a radiation shelter though, 1 good place
where everyone could hide when solar storms flared

... launching lead is too costly

... maybe connected to the balloon complex, would be a special balloon for holding water,
and a survival compartment could be made in it's center

... a few feet of water, is an excellent radiation shield, and you
need to store water anyways

... so when radiation storms hit, you climb into your water bubble

... they could build whole colonies on the moon with bubble tents

... it might be nice to float around in low gravity for awhile

© 2013 by zentara