stand a little closer to the rhino

... I read a story where a tourist was advised to
stand a little closer to the rhino, so the picture
would come out better

... the rhino charged her, and stuck its horn right
thru her ribcage and lung, as she was fleeing, right thru the back

... the picture wasn't better, but she made the news

... it seems that is what people are after nowadays,
to make the news, make a splash, prove that they are somebody,
even if they are total losers, total zeros

... if they can't be famous, they will plunge into infamy, they
want to go down in history ... as if the history books they are
in make any difference to those of us not living in ivory towers

... I guess they want to prove that they really count, like
the last temper-tantrum of a full grown adult

... I already forgot the names of the perpetrators of the
last few acts of domestic terrorism ... they are forgotten

... there is nothing one can do, but watch the perpetrator's soul
sink deeper into Hell

... and that is what this life comes down to, watching people
go thru spiritual tug-of-wars tearing their souls apart, strung out
between heaven and hell

... earth is the interface, the gateway between heaven and hell

... and we are just standing here watching the gate traffic flow,
making snyde comments about those hellbound, and making saints out
for those heading 180 to hell

© 2013 by zentara