what is the truth?

... an acquaintence of mind pointed to a piece of
N. Korean propaganda on youtube, which points fingers
at the way the West tries to mentally condition its

... meet the new boss, same as the old boss, we won't
get fooled again

... it all reminded me of the father of modern advertising,
Edward Bernays, a nephew of Sigmund Freud hisself.

... Bernays basically said that if you can make people feel
inadequate, they can be controlled

... I bet his uncle taught him that. :-)

... you are too fat, skin too dry, hair looks like crap,
you stink .... but... if you use this product, ahhhh,
you have made yourself adequate

... adequate for what? ... breeding and social promotion of course

... since this all started with a N. Korean criticism
of Western culture, I would like to share a radio story
I heard about real-life today in N. Korea

... It seems that after the Korean War, and its ensuing
huge militarization, all able bodied N. Korean men were
assigned various military positions, which prevented them
from doing regular jobs. So the females were given all the
real work, while the men stayed ready for war.

... as time passed, this has evolved into a system where
the women have all the real jobs, whilst the men, just
stay at home, doing nothing.

... N. Korean wifes, refer to the husbands as their pets

... so who is mentally conditioned now? bow wow arf arf

... of course, at my current age and position in life,
being the pet of a working woman dosn't sound that bad :-)

© 2013 by zentara