Liberte Equalite Fraternite

... man, does it make me feel good to see the French get
out and kick some ass

... it seems that anyone with a few pickup trucks, and machine
guns, can start up their own country ... saying F*ck the past,
F*ck the rulz, F*ck history

... those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to
repeat them, and the rebels forget one important lesson ... they loose
... almost always

... the one thing these rebels deserve to get, is just what they want:
to be martyred

... it's what they seem to want

... their lives under the Islamic rule is so fucking bad, that they
want to run out and get themselves killed ... suicide by revolution

... maybe it's all supressed homosexual rage?, I saw a FrontLine show
on the way young islamic boys get initiated, ... old men and young dancing boys

... in any event, any civilization which produces this kind of ruthless
male behavior, should never be allowed to propagate ... violent Islamic sects
need to die themselves

... the world will be better off without them

... the world needs civilization, and peace, not violence.

... may my gods give all help and luck to the French

© 2013 by zentara