taking a dip into the river Ganges

... I saw today, that a huge ceremony, maybe with
10 million people participating, is happening now,
in India, on the river Ganges

... men paint and cover themselves with ashes and
step into the river, which metaphorically washes away mortality,
leading you to the eternal worlds of pure energy

... I wish you all well in your attempts to reunite with
the great cosmic energy pool

... I, myself, try to stay out of dirty river water, but
maybe that is why I'm sitting here, instead of being born
there, in the Ganges River Valley

... in America, we are born equal, but things diverge pretty
quickly after that ...some seek wealth and fame, some spirit,
and many are just lost in hedonism.

... the inequalites between adult people is obvious to the casual observer

... America is full of many people with the wrong priorities, and
you can argue over it, if you want, but an earth life is too short,
to short to waste on accumulating wealth

... one should be learning the secrets of soul survival,
... the techniques of transcending earthbound mortality

... when I was young, I was taught in the future, there would be promises
of eternal life on earth ... scientists would figure out
regeneration and people would just be given newly grown parts and bodies

... the good spirits who warned me of this, said do not be fooled
into thinking you can have immortality on earth ... don't buy into
that system

... instead, concentrate on the soul and the attainment of perfection

... it is the only way to be happy, and happiness is a direct connection
to Krishnaloka

© 2013 by zentara