it's nice to feel wanted

... everyone seems to want to fuck my ass, some figuratively,
some literally ... it seems to be a game people play

... thats what I've seemed to learn from all these years
of social interaction

... I spent my whole life, defending my A hole's virginity,
because in the world of interaction with people, everything
becomes sexual in nature

... a pecking order needs to be established

... you can divide people into 2 types, those that believe
in the pecking order, and those who don't, dominators or
non-dominators, those who submit, those who don't

... can you tell by this writing, that I've been watching
too much tv lately?

... it is almost irresitable to let your mind get lost
in a good movie ... it transports you to a story in which
you can escape for awhile, escape from the eternal existential
dilemma which we all face ... that is 2B || !2B

... to just sit and ponder your existence, and the meaning behind
it ... to feel that you are truly star dust, more Milky Way than
earth ... and to howl out into the great spiral proclaiming your

... and to pray into the great milky spiral for protection and

... send in the angels to guide my soul back to home base

© 2013 by zentara