the frozin chosin

... synchronicity in event sequences is what
life is all about

... my foxhole buddy's dad, a Korean War veteran, is an active member
of the Outpost Harry survivors society, and this weekend,
is his 60th wedding anniversary

... it just so happened, that a few days ago, on Satellite
TV they showed the movie Chosin, about the great battle
fought in N. Korea by US marines, and is rated right up there
with Iwo Jima for battlefield heroics

... then I wondered, where was I?, when this was all occurring?

... according to my precise calculations, I was probably conceived
on Jan 8, 1951, not born, but conceived. :-)

... that is about 1 month after fighting stopped at Chosin and
the escape route ... I wonder if I was amoung the dead, wounded
and died shortly thereafter?
They weren't taking prisoners on either side.

... am I a dead soul from Chosin, comeback by the grace of god,
to finish out my life peacefully this time?

... when I was a kid, I thought it was a cool thing to have a
old 50 cal machine gun bullet hanging around my waist on a chrome
chain ... you could get them at the Army Surplus store for a buck

... my whole life, I've been pre-occupied with the ying-yang symbol,
which happens to be the current national flag of S. Korea

... I love eating brown rice

... was I killed at Chosin? Then, then soul takes a month to get born again?

... some sort of odd synchronicity is there, revealing itself to me

... it might seem anti-heroic, or un-patriotic, but it begs the question:
whose side was I on when I died?

... am I an old marine soul, or was I amoung the enemy dead?

... one old soldier in the movie, said that he would be as happy
to greet a Chineese or N. Korean survivor, as he would an american

... because he knew the trial which they endured was more powerful
than any geo-political rhetoric

© 2013 by zentara