yoga and the state

... I read yesterday about a mother on the west coast
who is complaining about her child being asked to do yoga
at school ... she claims it promotes Hinduism

... the school system, on the other hand, reports that
children are happier, more awake, and attentive in class,
if they start the day with stretching and simple yoga positions

... yoga is not Hinduism at all

... it is connecting with the Milky Way, and the stars beyond our imaginations

... it frees you from the prison of the earth-bound mind, allowing a student
to grasp the big picture of existence ... to grasp eternity in your mind,
rather than being forced to live in the instant, which we call the present

... maybe she would like it better, if schools made students do
jumping jacks and pushups, while the Star Spangled Banner blasts
in the background?

... yoga, in its essence is a means of knowing, a way
to find your path to the heavens beyond, and thereby happiness in this
short material life

... this comes comes from within, and yoga helps pull it out

... yoga is good, knowledge is good
... to know, is better than ignorance

© 2013 by zentara