thinning of the herd

... I read a couple of news stories today that made me wonder
about the false faith people put into the safety of technology

... the first was hilarious, it made me think of it being a metaphor
for our society's collapse
... at some wedding, party guests were given the opportunity to
fly in a hot air balloon, 10 of them at a time, probably half loaded
on booze or whatever gave them the courage to take the balloon ride

... oh it was jolly good fun for them in the video, until the landing

... the last words heard by the smiling passengers were "hang on"

... then tumbles, screams and groans, then dead silence

... the final shot of the video was a dead tree trunk, sharpened
at the top like a spike ... it must have got the balloon on landing
at whipped them around a bit
... balloon crash video mp4

... the second, was 2 russian guys who decided to ride a zorb, a
big beach ball with 2 strap-in seats inside, down a ski slope
on a happy suuny day

... starts out good, laughing as the zorb goes right down the
slope, but someone forgot zorbs don't have brakes, so it slowly
continued past the end of the slope,
bounced and flipped hitting a few rocks on the way, and like an errant
pinball, it went flying off of cliff a half mile away ... bad news for the riders,
and laughter turned to horror

... all I can say is use your brains and be careful, and just
because the ride manager says he's done it a thousand times,
don't ride in untethered hot air balloons or zorbs

... I would put bungie jumping and squirrell flying suits into
that category too. Anyone who dies doing that for fun, deserves it.
... I think demons exist that kill stupid people, and they are a
big proponent of Murphy's Law ... whatever can go wrong, will

© 2013 by zentara