big time real estate

... I was reading today that the newer space telescopes
have discovered a huge number of planets in the Milky Way,
enough for every human on earth to have 2 planets of their very own

... the question is how do you get your very own planet?

... even more importantly, would or should you want one?

... is owning your own planet a good investment? Will it
bring you happiness and fullfillment? ... or misery?

... if it was a spiritual planet, it would be a good deal,
it would be as if you finally attained your lotus blossom
in the great cosmic sea ... opening and closing ... releasing

... if it was in the material world, it may not be such a good
deal ... it may be full of purgatories unthought of yet by

... I plan on leaving the material world when I die, so I don't
mind selling off my rights to the material world ... so I'm
selling planets in the Milky Way, which you as god or goddess,
may mold like clay into your dream worlds

... first come, first served ... no refunds
... free picture of your planet included

© 2013 by zentara