the lone wolf

... I saw in the news today a story about a lone
grey wolf, which was set loose in California,
with a radio collar to track his habits

... he just wandered the state, avoiding freeways,
looking for a wolf pack to join

... imagine, being free like the wolf ... just go
where and when you want, drinking out of creeks and
eating tasty house dogs, whose owners let them stray
too far into woods

... it makes me want to howl ... aahhh ooooohhh

... but, that is why I am a vegetarian now, principally
to quiet the hidden beast within me, the dirt dog who just wants
to taste fresh blood; secondarily is the health issue

... I would have to revert to eating meat, if times dictated
it ... but it would get ugly ... like the gremlins in the movie

... oh well, my wolf brother out there, I hear you, and feel
your call of the wild, and the sasquatch in me is coming out again,
which in the human world, takes me nowhere

... so our paths must part, I'm on the road to Krishnaloka, you
my wolf friend, head elsewhere

... you cannot be a carnivore in heaven, God don't like it,
but on earth, I hope you get a rabbit or two, to help
you get thru the winter

© 2013 by zentara