what a strange week

... Gerard Deipardu gets Russian citizenship because
he is given lower taxes there ... a 13% flat rate

... some people want to save the dollar, by
issuing special trillion dollar coins, which would
be sitting there in the government vaults, essentially
creating a make-believe gold standard

... it would reduce inflation, by pulling a trillion
dollars out of circulation, but everyone would just have to
believe in its worth, just sitting there

... I remember reading about a S. Pacific island people who
used big giant carved stones as their currency ... they were so
big, that when currency was exchanged, the rock never actually
moved, but just a different owner was assigned to it
... the rocks were essentially worthless, except for the value
the islanders placed on them

... countries could swap the trillion dollar coins around
as they create import/export inequalities, as they seem to do
quite often

... maybe if the trillion-dollar coins were made of anti-matter,
suspended in a giant magnetic field, would they be worth it

... what it comes down to, is accumulated debt, which can never
be paid off at today's exchange rate

... maybe the devil hisself, will eventually own enough of our debt,
enough of the trillion dollar coins, that he would own the world
... prophecy, capitalistic style

... we sold it to him, or more precisely, he bought up our debt,
because God damn sure dosn't want it

... live simple, live free

© 2013 by zentara