boys with their toys

... I was watching another Frequency of Genius video,
and one of the most interesting comments came from
one genius who said that going to Mars with space-rovers,
and trying to thrill the world with the exploit, is misleading
society, in respect to what is important in our search for
knowledge and transcendence

... I don't agree in one sense, but I do in another

... the scientists and engineers who do that sort of work,
need some sort of busy work to keep their skill sets sharp
... otherwise we won't have people who can defend us from
rocket attack and launch missles to defend our positions

... to be honest, I wouldn't really want to be a rocket scientist,
too much possible bad karma is involved ... what if your rocket
killed off a whole city? ... thats plenty of bad karma there
... I probably couldn't sleep at night

... but I guess the genius in question is actually talking
about a higher importance, the world where your soul is more important
than your body

... why should any energy be put into the direction of aggressive
conquest of others? Why not put the energy to work for making
things better here on earth?

... he was being videoed in an air-conditioned glass walled highrise office
somewhere in some big city, if that reflects on anything
... it's alot of the big city style of thinking

... also today, in more down to earth news, some teenage girls spiked the
milk shakes of their parents, to knock them out, so that they could get on the internet

... the social worker psychologist said it's a very common need
in kids, who feel they are being left out of a "once in lifetime event"
by not being able to connect in realtime with their friends
... people are becoming psychologically hooked on cell-phone connectivity
... are you feeling alone yet? ... $65 per month will make you feel
safe, warm, cozy and connected

... the only "once in a lifetime event" I'm worrying about is the
one called dying.

© 2013 by zentara