the fragility of things

... I saw today in the news, that they are testing a tsunami bomb,
one that could generate a 30+ foot tidal wave, and essentially
render a coastal city useless ... testing somewhere down in New Zealand

... do any of you realize what that means for the coasts?

... the world is in such a mess, because of the high speed rat race
we are in, now the coasts are not safe-harbors anymore
... it is most easy to sneak in a few big underwater bombs,
because of the shear volume of traffic out there on the high seas
... and the large number of people who would want to do it

... the indigenous indians learned to never actually make permanent camp right
on the ocean shore ... they knew, don't live there ... just come down
to fish when needed

... the great edifices of our youth, those great buildings and bridges
which wowwed us into believing in the great system, are now crumbling
all around us ... crack by crack, flake by flake, the paint peels off,
and the rust shows ... people are shipped off to old folks homes

... what we thought were eternal monuments to our powers and skills, the
skyscrapers, air craft carriers, great bridges, and even the basic social brick,
the family itself, are slowly crumbling before our eyes

... but we are dazed by the spectacle of it all. The TV, the movies, the
video games, and half naked women, all keep our eyes mesmerized, like staring
at the hypnotic sway of the king cobra

... keeping our conciousnesses locked into the Great Oneness called
the cell phone network

... can you hear me now?

© 2013 by zentara