hope for the future

... as the New Year has rolled in, and considering
I have very little to hope for on earth, I was once again

... wondering if I'm more a child of the universe, or
more child of the earth

... I have a friend who is adamant about wanting to stay on earth,
he claims that it IS his final home, and I mused that maybe
that is who the real chosen people spoken of in the Bible are
... the earth's chosen people are those who chose to stay
... those who lay full alliegence to earth

... me?, I'm from somewhere else, out there, beyond our comprehension

... I was born to an earth mother as human, now the
goddess of earth incubates me, until I can once again
be released to the universe ... not just the man-defined universe,
but the entire cosmos ... the pen-ultimate freedom thru all dimensions

... I can testify that it is good to have hope

... contrary to belief that God is dead, God is alive and well
and working here on earth, grooming humans to be acceptable
for entrance into heaven, as we now come to call it.

... It can be seen in the flow of the Tao, the way luck
and karma blend together to manifest our daily events

... the angels or demons we encounter in our daily sail thru life,
are the consequences of what we did and thought in the recent past

... so have hope for the events yet to come, as we create
the karma now ... we have free will, so we can alter the future, today

... anyways, there isn't anything better to do with your Time,
than to use it to control your future
© 2013 by zentara