the frequency of genius

... as the new year approaches, all we have is hope for the future
... the past is kaput, worth nothing except for the lessons learned

... I started watching a video series called The Frequency of Genius,
just skimming thru various topics of discussion

... my first impression is that these presenters are people full
of great hope for the future, wheareas I, live at a place whose
slogan is "abandon all hope, ye who enter here"

... I had a dream about a woman chastising me for my male selfishness,
who said in the dream: you know, it's not all about YOU, to which I
replied: maybe so, but it sure isn't about the material world

... having thoughts like that made come to the realization that we
are creatures who are trying to crawl out of the material ocean, into
the ethereal world of pure mass-free energy. Just as our ancestors
crawled out of the water ocean, into the air world, we crawl to the ethereal.
You have to die to do it. No hope for my dream being realized on earth.

... but if you want to stick with the great hope for the future, as if we had
one, I would guess the best option would be to find a catalytic process
which enhances the break up of water into oxygen and hydrogen, so that
it could be run as a self sustaining cycle. Just add fresh water, and you
get H2 out of it, more than the required electrical input... a surplus of H2

... there could be some unknown effect, like maybe bombarding some
rare-earth-palladium alloy with proton beams, enhancing the water breakup
... maybe a semi-conductor effect
... or whatever might drop the quantuum mechanical bond strength of a water
molecule on it's surface

... pie in the sky dreams for people who want to stay on earth and make
more human babies

... me?, I'm just looking forward to the party tonight, and I guess that
is how alot of babies get made. :-)
© 2012 by zentara