going back to school

... I read in the news today about a new school in
Israel, appropriately named the Cain and Abel School 0f Prophecy

... where for about $73 per semester, you too, can learn to
be a biblical prophet

... now, I don't know if the world is really going to end in
a horrible catastrophe or not, but it is somehow fullfilling
to make giant predictions of doom and gloom

... it may even be a useful psychological technique to get
everyone seeing the future as doom and gloom, because it almost
inevitably turns out better ... so everyone's expectations are
satisfied ... aim low, and you are almost always satisfied

... after doing intense zen meditation on this existential dillema,
where we lash out and want to destroy the world, because our own
expectations about life were not realized; you realize everyone
faces this

... just because this life of yours didn't quite work out right,
the one where you expected to be a master of the universe, to
gain world domination; the inevitable reaction is to want to destroy
... and in lieu of actually destroying IT, because that would impact
you directly, you project the destruction into the future, as prophecy

... it's human nature, if I can't have it, destroy it so others can't either,
but don't do it right now, because that would affect me

... my zen conclusion is this: it's best to say it's never going to happen
in your own lifetime ... it will happen after I die

... that way, you can bet on people wanting to see you alive :-)

... when I am confronted with people preaching real doom and gloom,
I just ask them, do you want this catalysm to occur right now, today?
... only the psychotics say yes, the rest want to have at least one more day

© 2012 by zentara