turtle killing

... there was alot of disturbing stories in the news
this morning, but the one that really sticks out
in my mind, is the one about how many humans will go out
of their way to run over a turtle with their cars

... a college reseacher put fake turtles out on the
roads, and watched how long it took before it got squished

... he said it was scary to see how people would actually
go out of their way, even crossing white lines, to squish turtles

... one guy said " it's his only hobby "

... a psychologist said that it demonstrates a very dark side
of humanity, wherein people want to show their superiority
over the other creatures, by crushing them at will, a summary execution
with a car tire

... one guy said, "you have to be a brave man to kill a turtle with a car"

... I would fear the karma of a turtle ... its a very slow karma, it sneaks
up on you

© 2012 by zentara