the comets of 2013

... I read today that astronomers have found 2 big comets
heading our way next year, one in late November

... they get knocked out of the Oort Cloud every now and then
and head for the sun, passing us on the way

... the scientists who discovered them, say that they will be
especially bright, perhaps brighter than the full moon

... I know that comets historically have been seen by the
paranoid as signs, signs of things to come

... and considering the year's decimal numerical designation will end with 13,
maybe it would be worth freaking out over the possibilities?

... meditating on the fact that 13 can be broke down to 7 and 6, which
symbolize luck and disaster, respectively, it can only be
portentious of great change

... it's the end of the old Mayan calendar epoch, and the first
year of the next epoch is already showing the symbols of great

... I guess whether the change is good or bad, depends on us, the humans,
with our free will

... but it is coming, you can be sure of that, and the signs are there

© 2012 by zentara