being thankful for what I got

... when I was young, the times seemed different,
and I exhibited alot of internal rage toward Babylon,
toward the big system

,,, in my own battle for world domination, I thought
it would be best to completely change Babylon, either
change it, or somehow destroy it, or somehow more precisely,
keep it from destroying the last bits of rightousness left
in the human spirit

... now, that I'm older, I'm thankful for what Babylon, what Civilization,
did for me ... I'm not king of the world, I'm not the lowest
of the low, but this mud got a chance to pull itself together
and attain conciousness ... a conciousness of eternity and
a chance to glimpse into the world of the spirit

... that is the most valuable gift you can get, no matter
what slings and arrows get thrown your way by the demons in
this world

... I was thinking, we the believers, are part of a great
evolutionary process, where creatures of the air world, are
evolving into the spirit world ... learning to breathe that
super-rarified air of the spirit world

... just like our ancestors crawled out of the sea, into the
air world, we are trying to crawl out of the air-water reality,
into a pure spirit form

... so, I really have to thank Babylon, for providing most
of my needs for these last years, and allowing me to attain

© 2012 by zentara