its Betty versus Veronica

... I came into a great realization lately concerning
my sexual desires ... it's always a tug of war between
a blond, and a dark haired girl

... it's Betty versus Veronica

... now I admit, I had the longing for January Jones
when she played in Mad Men, but recently, I was swept
180 degrees toward the dark hair and ruby lips of
Anne Hathaway

... I was settled on a dream of me and Anne making
babies, and living in a ginger bread house in the
magic forest, but today, my friend sent me a link
to some survival bunker photos, which the men use
to remind themselves of why they fight for their women

... number 1 in the list was January Jones, somehow the blond
got wind of me drifting toward the alluring jet black
features of Anne, and presented herself again to my
conciousness ... don't under-estimate blonds

... now, I'm undecided again, and find myself wanting
them both, at the same time

... isn't there some sort of quantuum level solution to this dilemma?
... maybe the perfect union of Betty and Veronica is what
I need ... what would she look like?

... my winter dreams are almost upon me

... some ethno-biologist said that evolution has shown that
the X chromosome is the basic carrier of life, and us Y's are
just around to help the X's thru the rough spots in evolution

© 2012 by zentara