the big spinning wheel

... I get very little human interaction living out in my
camp, so instead of spending my time thinking about how much sex
I can get, I end up contemplating the eternal existential
questions ... what are we, where are we, and what am I doing here?

... right now, I'm trying to picture the entire Milky Way
as it spins it's way thru Time, like a giant corkscrew
... you have to take an imaginary reference frame,
create a fifth dimension, to imagine seeing the galaxy operate thru Time

... when we look at Time, it's like a mirror reflecting the past

... some great philosopher said we live our lives driving forward,
but always looking in the rearview mirror, trying to analyze
how our karmas got us into this reality ... always double
guessing the past

... but now, we all must honestly look to the future, get our
eyes off of the rearview mirror, and see clearly what is ahead,
for us, the spawn of the earth, and of the Milky Way

... even the Milky Way is part of some bigger structure, and it
boggles the mind that there are super-galactic structures

... but it's all just the material world, which is not my final home,
so I sit here, and chant Om, so that I may connect with the spirit world,
the world of pure mass-free energy, my final home

© 2012 by zentara