well it didn't happen

... no Mayan Apocalypse, not even a hiccup in the flow of spacetime

... I get up early anyways, so it was really just
another day, but the actual solstice occured for me
minutes ago at 6:11 AM EST

... thoughts were running thru my mind of sailing
around the Cape of Good Hope, in dangerous, yet
sailable waters

... dreams of the gods and sailors of old, flitted
thru my mindscape

... no cataclysm, no big deal, just rough dangerous seas
going around the Cape, the southern solar crossing

... after we passed the point of crossing, I did my my chant
to Shiva, to give the planet protection as we sail into
the next solar cycle

... the days will start getting longer now, and it will
get colder for awhile, then spring, then the summer heat,
when we will long for the free coolness, which we experience now

... I like the winter

© 2012 by zentara