possible end time scenarios

... I just read an interesting article, wherein some well
respected scientists speculated on what kind of disaster
might actually cause an extinction level event for
humans, possibly on this upcoming solstice

... valid ideas ranged from dark comets, to super-volcanos, to
cancer carrying dogs, to increased cosmic radiation

... but the odds are most of us will die in some un-exciting
manner, like while laying in bed watching TV, or slow mass
starvation due to climate change

... I wonder how many people would actually want to survive,
if they knew what hardships awaited the survivors?

... I was toying with the idea of going to an Apocalypto party
on this Friday's solstice, but on the .000001% chance of something
actually happening, I think I will stay home where my sleeping bag is.

... There are so many ways the universe could wipe us out, but
each with a such a low probability that it is insignificant compared
to the likelyhood of a car wreck, or falling off a ladder, or whatever
real daemons plaque us during our daily modern lives

... but an interesting thought is this: even though each individual
danger has a low probability, the sum of all those small probabilities
do add up to a significant risk

... I wonder what the actual total risk is? Maybe once every ten thousand
years we get hit with something that sets us way back

... one scientist, who studied the patterns of rise and fall of civilizations,
says there is a definite cycle within the human race, oscillating between
enlightenment and darkness

... he speculated that there are regions of space which are conducive to
enlightened thinking and areas where a certain dullness of the mind pre-dominates

... there was a great period with Egypt, then the Dark Ages, then the Enlightenment,
the World War years of darkeness, and now the Super-Enlightenment

... the pattern would predict soon, a time of darkness, and I fear we are heading
into a new dark age, ruled by fear, fear of our own crazy neighbors

... maybe it has to do with hidden galactic quantuum fields, or whatever

... I guess the message is this: learn how to get your soul off of earth, because
sooner or later .... wham, bam, thank you maam

... this is a rough rock to live on

© 2012 by zentara