getting my calculations right

... recently, to delve into some very grandiose facts
about life on earth, I had to re-examine the facts
about the various times involved in how the material
universe functions

... when I was taught, somehow I got the idea that the
Milky Way's rotation was once every ten thousand years
... maybe that is true, but it not to be confused with our
sun's orbit around the galactic center

... anyways, it's confusing enough, but I have finally broke
it down to something with modern scientific numbers

... first, our solar system, our star system, the giver of all
life to this planet, orbits around the galactic center once every
225 million years
... second, our sun, will go red dwarf, i.e. die and take us
all with it in a fiery demise in about 5 billion years

... if you do the math, that means our star system will only last
20 more galactic years ... thats a certainty

... thats 5 billion divided by a quarter billion, number of galactic cycles

... suns don't live to be very old do they?

© 2012 by zentara