children of the universe

... the thought has been coming into my mind lately,
that the stardust in me, is more reflective of who
or what I am, than my human identity is to me

... it's like Lego building blocks, you can fashion a
man out of Lego blocks, yet he is still just Lego blocks,
a whole bunch of them

... we are just a bunch of atoms, forged in star explosions of eons ago
... we are children of the material universe first, and humans on earth, second

... our atoms will once again get recycled into star dust
when the sun supernovas in about 20 million years ... where
will we end up then? ... right back into the stardust bin

... conciousness is the only thing we have, to help us
elevate ourselves out of the quicksand of this material world

... we are mud pulled together by conciousness, so that we can play
out our self-written acts on the stage of earth

© 2012 by zentara