interdimensional tools

... the wackos have been going off like firecrackers lately,
and it makes me wonder, what tools can we use to prevent
such things from happening?

... apart from declaring martial law, there is no way, now-a-days,
to stop these mass killing stunts, because a determined wacko,
especially an intelligent wacko, can kill all sorts of people
very easily if he dosn't care about getting caught, figuring
it's a homocidal/suicidal rampage anyways

... I guess its a message to all people, that lightening, in
the form of these tragedies, can strike anywhere, anytime
... so it behooves all of us to take each day, and each moment very
seriously ... because they may be your last

... I was awoken very early in the night, like 2AM, by the screams
of a chicken, getting killed by an owl or ferret, or whatever lurks
out there in the dark and likes to eat freshly killed chickens
... their death screams are chilling, and makes me wonder if a
chucacabra or some other resident evil lurks in the woods

... when I was very young, my older sisters used to have to check my
closets and under my bed for bogeymen, before I could go to sleep
... now I don't care if a space alien is grabbing and eating our chickens

... I guess the only real defense we ultimately have, is God Itself.
We constantly pray to God so that It may see we are on Its side.
... and to send us mystical protection and powers to fight

... if there are 11 dimensions, and maybe more, what technology do the
creatures in the other 7 from us use? Maybe they have drones
which watch us, from their higher dimensional status

... I was informed as part of my understanding and agreement, with
the cosmos, earth, and spirit world, that ultimately the atoms
contained in my body will be burned by the sun and recycled into
some new star system somewhere
... the sun god said to me, after you surrender all your atoms,
you are free to leave with whatever you have left

... actually, I hope to be out of here long before that happens

© 2012 by zentara