Pascal's wager

... someone online, in an attempt at apocalyptic humor,
wondered if it would be worth it, to put up their christmas lights
this year?
... that led to comments that it would be wise to put them up,
since you have nothing to lose if the world does end on the
upcoming winter solstice ... you can only win by putting them up,
because if the world does end, it won't matter, everyone loses

... that led to comments on Pascal's Wager, where the emminent
17th century mathematician pondered the question of whether
it is better to believe in God or be an atheist, in light of the lack
of absolute proof of God's existence

... Pascal rightly concluded that it is better to believe in an unproven God,
than to wallow in the uncertainty of atheism

... I came to the same conclusion myself. It is better to believe than not
to believe, because if there is a God, then after this short life, you can
be sure that you, as a believer, will be welcomed into heaven.
On the other hand, if there is no God, and we are just some sort of random
cosmic joke, then we are all losers anyways.

... you just have to believe in order to make things happen, in order to have
some magic in your life

... religion may be the opiate of the people, but it is an effective drug

... you gotta believe, as the old sport's slogan goes

© 2012 by zentara