... the hardest part of truly realizing your spiritual identity,
is knowing that one day you will have to give up the body, the
human form that carried you all the way, the place that feels like
home to you

... but it is inevitable, the day will come, and so how do you prepare
for a successful transition into the spirit world?

... even though this fine body I was given, is now half dilapidated
and causing me endless pain, I somehow don't want to detach myself
from it

... now that I think about it, I devote most of mental energy to
making the transition successful ... I watch my karma as best I can,
I pray to the gods which make sense to me for assistance, I live
a simple unattached life, which makes it easy to let go of this world

... I try to envision what it will be like, and the great spirits above
have intuited visions to me of what it is like, but yet having feared
it all my life, I always choose to hang onto my human form

... what is the old saying?
Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die.

... most people are almost totally preoccupied with their daily
human existence ... what food to eat, get water, keep clean,
get money for kids and retirement ... all goals of earth

... even many spiritual types I meet, always seem to predict
themselves to be in some sort of heaven on earth, where the good
king has returned the spirit of God to the planet ... they
talk about the resurrection on earth, an earth where God rules once again
... as opposed to the current world where something called evil tears
happiness apart

... me? I don't see that for myself. I see myself exiting this
planet entirely, and not just this planet, but the material world itself

... so I sit and contemplate my moment of death, and wonder
what and where will I be ... I suppose the old adage form follows function
will apply, even in the spirit world

... If any angels read this, my desired destination is Krishnaloka,
that place in the spirit realm where we just party all day with
God's manifestation of happiness ... Krishna

© 2012 by zentara