it's Time again

... I just read that Alan Alda has put out a challenge
to scientists to actually answer the question of what
is Time?

... well, I sort of have made an intuitive study of Time
and event-sequences, my personal life pursuit ... just how
do things happen, in what appears to be a linear Time stream?
... what is karma?

... why do we perceive a difference between now and
1 second ago .... or one nanosecond for that matter

... while brushing up on the Milky Way, our home galaxy
in the material world, I came upon the fact that we, as
part of the spinning galactic mass, are moving at over roughly
a million miles per hour, as we jet thru spacetime

... so, in the sub-atomic world of quarks, strings and dark energies,
we are just whizzing past the point we call the instant

... just imagine you are sitting in a car going a million miles
per hour ... things just fly past, just a blur to our slow eyes

... now imagine you close your eyes, so as not to be disturbed by
the blurred scenery flying by

... well, that is the way our bodies actually are ... we are flying
thru spacetime at a million miles per hour, but we choose to ignore
the effect
... we ignore it as a matter of practicality, since it is our most
commonly experienced phenomenum ... the passage of Time
... our brain has evolved to make the experience of Time, an autonomous
function, so as not to distract us from our pursuits
... our hearts beat, we breathe, all autonomously

... by the time you move your finger one inch, thousands
of miles of space has gone by .... a huge amount of territory for the
dark energies and parallel quantuum universes to exist

... Time is just our brain's way of seeing this highspeed galactic
merry-go-round ... things are different from one moment to the
next, just by the fact that the galaxy has moved

... if the galaxy didn't move, including its internal movements,
your finger would stay in the same place

... I was wondering on how this concept could be applied to the studying
of sub atomic particle decay and destruction
... it makes me wonder if they should analyze their data for effects thru Time?
... how it could be done? I don't know. Maybe multiple sensors out in space
... which could catch the events that jump out of the current Time frame?
... but still within the spiral path of earth. In other worlds, position a sensor
where the earth was in galactic space 1 millisecond ago?
... a bizarre thing to contemplate

... I stumbled across the concept of galactic frame drag, and it seems
to me that Time will change depending on how far you are from the center
of the Milky Way, where there must be a stablized black hole of some sort

... but I realized quickly while studying the problem intuitively, that
it is better to learn how to control the flow of the Tao, rather than trying
to stop it, hold it, and examine it ... it is like a cosmic butterfly, so
beautiful to behold, but hard to catch

... this all reminds me of a word used by an old reseacher called Wilhelm Reich,
who used the german term for "spinning wave", or Kreiselweille, If I Recall Correctly

... that is what we are ... a spinning wave ... a wave which as it moves,
writes the Akashic Record
© 2012 by zentara