thinking big

... I made a mistake yesterday, in ASSUMMING that
the rotation of the Milky way was 10000 years, it was
more like 225 million :-)

... the good news for my calculation yesterday, is that
the bigger the denominator, the accuracy of the apocalypto
prediction becomes even more astounding :-) ... what luck!

... on the the other hand, if we have been around for at
least 225 million, the planet will most likely last 225 million more,
thus negating the likelihood of impending planetary disaster from
external forces ... what happens due to internal events is more
... whether the future will be habitable by humans, is the ultimate question

... anyways, while googling around to get my numbers right, I came
across some extremely interesting information on the galaxy

... the Milky Way itself, has more effect on us, than does the earth,
sun, or, moon. Just because it's the most massive thing near us.
Locally, it appears that the earth and sun's gravity is what is
defining our reality, but way down at the sub atomic level, the space-time
frame drag has more effect on our existence ... little variations in time
dilation are occuring all around us, just due to us being on the big
spinning wheel ... a big Merry-Go-Round

... I think it's where the magic happens

... the Milky Way itself travels thru space at approximately 600 kilometers per second,
which converts to an astounding 1,342,000 miles per hour
... so that means, as we sit, we are all travelling at over a million miles
per hour from the galactic perspective

... not only that, but we are rotating around the Milky Way's core at
around 600,000 miles per hour

... that is quite a high speed corkscrew ride we are on

... advanced scientists say that the Milky Way's rotation has a very
pronounced effect on our sub-atomic processes, due to a thing called galactic
frame drag ... where the spacetime of a locality is stretched out due
to the fast motion and spin of the entire galaxy

... it seems to me, it is the source of Time itself

© 2012 by zentara