... I read in the news that frenzy over the
end of the world is happening, due to the old Mayan
calendar running out of Time, at the upcoming winter
solstice on December 21

... I used to laugh at people like that, all worked
up over the mythical end of the world coming

... but maybe, just maybe there is something to it,
maybe we are just misinterpreting the old Mayan meanings

... perhaps, the Mayans didn't mean the world would end
on that exact date, but that it was the last full 10000 year cycle
to complete, thus implying that the end would come within
the next 10000 year cycle ... within our next rotation around
the Milky Way

... and if you look at the scientific facts, regarding over-population,
resource scarities, climate change and most importantly loss of
regular rain, we may be pretty close to the end of the old civilization
as we knew it

... even the world bank now predicts catastrophic climate changes
with 50 years ... so here it comes

... now, if you look at the prediction accuracy,
in terms of mathematical precision, 50 divided by 10000 is 0.005, which
percentage wise, is less than 1 percent error
... a pretty good percentage if you are throwing darts
... you could fly to the moon and back with that accuracy

... it almost seems to me, that many actually love the fact that
apocalypto will occur
... I sense people are getting tired of being on the rat race treadmill,
which modern life yokes us with
... most people realize that chasing the carrot, which the system hangs in front of us,
is going no where fast
... all we do is work hard to make a retirement, but economic collapse, health care costs, and
the upcoming apocalypto will take it from us anyways ... look forward 50 years
... how many of your parents actually retired into the sweet life

... within 50 years it's coming, maybe a 100, the world we dreamed
of will be nothing but a fantasy in the minds of the children, dreams
of free fresh water, rain, lots of food, and a clean environment

... I see now why the universe did not want me to have kids. At first,
I thought my gene line was being culled by modern socio-economic forces,
but now I realize the gods were just saving me from the pain of seeing my own
children suffer

... I don't have to worry about my offspring suffering in the future, in the
thirsty ghettos of the world

© 2012 by zentara