... our parents assumed a future, that never came into being

... we are assuming a future that probably won't come into being

... the World Bank today announced that if we stay on the current path,
we will have a 7 degree farenheit temperature rise by the year 2060,
way faster that we had originally been told
... they fed us white lies for the last 30 years, to keep the carbon economy going
... but just like with fat, if you eat too much, sooner or later, the fat
shows, even though you pretend to not see it, by wearing loose fitting clothes

... and the climate change fat is starting to show, no matter what the media reports
as once in a lifetime events, we see the storms, droughts, winds and rising sea levels
... it dosn't take a kid to see the king is not wearing any clothes

... by the time the next generation is my age, many coastal cities
will be underwater, old reliable farmlands will be desert, and we will
be one step closer to eating Soylent Green on Thanksgiving

... so what should we do? The carbon burning will not stop, yet we
must stop it. Everyone screams about jobs, and improving the economy,
but that activity just increases the carbon burning.
... we are damned if we do, damned if we don't

... I would think that it might be wise to reopen the talks about
the giant water pipeline network from Lake Michigan, spanning out
into the increasingly parched mid-west, so we can irrigate fields
and at least keep ourselves fed until the Great Lakes go dry, that will
buy us some more time

... time to build underground cities

... I'll bet Henry Ford is rolling over in his grave just about now

© 2012 by zentara