the quintessential happy man

... at this stage in my life, it seems like I'm not forging out, not making
new territory in spacetime, but just cleaning up loose
ends and spacetime fragments from my past

... today, I saw that Hugh Hefner, of Playboy fame and fortune,
is getting married again for the umpteenth time to some hot
looking blond ... the smile on old Hef's face was pure contentment,
the smile of a happy man

... I remember, back in high school, when a highschool religion
class required I make a presentation on man and morality, I chose
to deliver a talk on the Playboy Philosophy

... I don't know how many of you remember that far back, but the
Playboy magazine actually did have a written philosophy, which came
in 4 large pamphlets, IIRC, and cost about $3.95 way back in 1965

... I don't know why I chose that topic, as I was the most girl-less
dude around; maybe it was a a subconcious desire to relieve the guilt trip
developing in my mind over looking at the pictures. Maybe, as they say,
the magazine does have some good articles, and some redeeming social values.

... I don't remember exactly what the philosophy was anymore, but it
did teach me to be guilt-free about wacking off

... I'm still girl-less after almost 50 years, but at least I lived a life
free of the guilt that society tried to dump on me for having sex phantasies

... thanks, Hef, may you have a great honeymoon

© 2012 by zentara