learning about the Escape Pod

... of course you realize, that technology at this level
is all done in the mind, by mental control

... that said, and considering the catastrophe heading
for Earth due to climate change and overpopulation, it
is time to discuss the methods of survival and escape

... for the vast majority of you, you will not actually
leave earth spiritually, but you will have to assume
another form, other than human, to survive the multi-million
year ice age cycles which will cleanse the earth, and restore
it to pristeen conditions

... most will probably do good to become cockroaches or some
other creature that can burrow underground and survive the weather
... or if you are not attached to the air world, you might enjoy
being an aquatic creature in the swelled up oceans

... thats for you choosing to stay on earth, to weather its cleansing,
to ride oiut the storm

... it will be obvious to you, at your death, what you need to do

... most will go the ant or cockroach route

... for those of you, who are so affected by the evil of the human race,
that you do not want to wait around for the evolution of Homo Sapien 2.0,
and wish, now, to move on to a world with better creatures, there is
the soul escape pod

... to activate your pod, you must spend most of your time meditating on it, or
be in such adrenaline-filled danger, that it presents itself to you
in expectation of your imminent death

... to choose your next world, you must choose clearly. Do you want iron,
steel, oil, and all the stuff destroying our world? From my own personal
observation, if you go to a world where creatures smelt metals, you are
asking for trouble

... in any event, God will ask you for the reasons you want to enter
the new world, and what your motivations are ... afterall, you come
from earth, and God already knows about the human soul from the Garden of Eden
... so you must have honest valid reasons

... its up to you to find your own world, no one else will do it for you

... so thats about it. In the event Spaceship Earth does go into auto-cleanse
mode, be prepared for soul survival, because your body won't.

... like the Boy Scout says: Be prepared.

© 2012 by zentara