the global warming failure

... scientists have just announced that the Kyoto agreement
on carbon emmissions is not working, and the earth will now almost
certainly pass the tipping point in atmospheric dynamics, where
the temperature will rise more than just a few degrees, resulting in
great changes in weather patterns

... I think this failure demonstrates why humanity probably will
not make it, we as a species just won't give up stuff we like,
even though it is harmful to the planet's ability to sustain
life, especially at the 9 billion level projected to hit soon

... people want to f*ck and have babies, even though we are so
overpopulated now, that we are facing a certain catastrophe
... people want their cars, planes, air conditioning, heat, and
all the trappings of the modern world

... it is analagous in my mind, to the dissappointment Moses must have
felt when he descended from the mountain visit with the burning bush,
and found the people making gold trinkets, roasting calves, and
drinking and partying ... people showing their true nature

... I guess it is in our nature to destroy, but now we have reached
the point, and not without warning, that our own planetary ecosystem
is being destroyed ... we are shooting holes in hull of Spaceship Earth,
we soon will be taking on water and sinking

... for me to witness this, is a sort of personal vindication of my own life

... I saw the wickedness in the human race almost from the get-go, and made
it my goal to be released from the human race and earth

... it's not that I am innocent of all these sins against the earth, but
at least I made the descision to leave the planet. I am a victim of
circumstances now, I won't complain, but I am out of here, leaving
earth for a world where the creatures don't have the evil streak in them

... and now, that the droughts, floods, population displacements, and
resource wars are hitting, and hitting hard, I just think that it
is God's justice ... God is just giving us the fruits of our own actions

... we were all warned starting 50 years ago, but the warnings were
essentially ignored by the leadership
... so here we are, you can't blame God for this

... but, one must be optimistic, and hope that instead of great droughts
and mass starvation, we will somehow keep the balance point, and survive
into the Brave New World

... it will probably mega-cities under ruthless rule to keep the peace, and everyone
eating Soylent Green

© 2012 by zentara