I wonder what will become of the world

... we only live for a blink in God's eyes, not
even 1 blink, some fraction of a blink

... yet we persist in deluding ourselves, that
what we are doing is somehow important in the context
of EONS of Time

... we talk about destroying the next killer asteroid,
or repelling an alien invasion from outer space.

... I ask my Muse, what is to become of this world,
and she replies: YOU, do not want to know

... she says do not look back, you must move
forward ... to look back may entice you back

... curiosity kills the cat

... so, I sit and wait, for that inevitable day, when
I let go of this body, and am left only with my soul
and its true nature

... but I think the world of the future is going to
something stranger than any of us have envisioned

... but I won't be here, so I don't need to know
... I won't look back

© 2012 by zentara