spy vs spy 2.0

... it's a full moon again, and the wolf in me is coming out

... I saw a story today about underwater drones, robots that
are shaped like, and swim like tuna. Even if spotted thru
the murky water, it would just seem like a tuna

... a torpedo packing tuna

... that got me thinking, back to my very first poem,
and the end in a cloud of dust
... somehow our military escalations in the name of peace, are
getting us into deeper and deeper waters

... it reminds me of the old Spy vs. Spy cartoons in Mad Magazine,
always a game of one-upmanship

... how long before the drone-killer drones are developed, drones whose
sole purpose is to track down and kill other drones, like birds of prey,
hawks, eagles, and owls

... maybe a killer-whale drone to track down bad-guy tuna drones

... on the other hand, with fullmoon induced wolf in me writing now,
I do see the great value of having tuna drones, just even to swim
alongside the ships as protection sensors ... looking for submerged mines,
scuba divers, and other such nasties which bad people put into the waters
... maybe even sacrificing themselves for the ship, by intervening in the
path of a torpedo

... oh well, it's Spy vs. Spy 2.0 now

... robots are good, laser research is good, micro-miniaturization is good,
long lasting rechargable batteries are good, space research ... many research
contracts are worth keeping, just to keep SME's, the Subject Material Experts, :-)
around and up to date on their skills
... you can fall behind so quickly in this fast paced world

... maybe one day, we will all be able to have our own personal drone,
flying above us, like a guardian angel, snapping photos for our protection
... alerting us when someone approaches

... I was wondering if it is possible to setup your own personal radar
defense system, to let you know if a drone is above?

© 2012 by zentara