journeying thru Time

... we all are on our own private journey thru Time

... each of us experience a set of event sequences,
individualized to us ... no one else has them, or can walk
in your shoes, and see the world in your personal context

... the context you create with God, the real deal, the inner
conversation your id has with your guilt-ridden super-ego

... right now, we are all localized on earth, and gravity
holds us together, because surely without gravity forcing
the issue, this world would split apart into great chunks
of space rock ... and there would be no wise king who could put
it all back together again ... such is the greed and hatred within

... many of our event sequences overlap, since most are packed
into the many giant mega-cities now popping up

... when you live with that close elbow to elbow fight for space,
certain event sequences have to overlap, unless you walk around
with blinders on

... personally, I find the secret to God is in understanding how
the event sequences occur and overlap

... people love to make overlapping shared event sequences, we love
to party, to make laughs with one another, and even just watching TV
together creates a shared reality ... a family, a shared context

... but the families are busted now, the kids eat their own food,
at their own chosing, then retire to their bedrooms to watch cable
or mess around online

... but ma dosn't care, she is actually greatful for this, because
she is at work on her afternoon job

... and since dad is either working too, split the scene, or hanging
out drinking with his buddies, he don't care either

... the american family is nearly kaput as far as shared reality goes,
the kids probably feel more kinship with their school buddies, than with
their own families

... so all of us are in individual little boats,
floating down the river of Time, together, in a shared reality, held
together by gravity

© 2012 by zentara