... I'm listening to a radio show on creativity

... so I wonder, from my own viewpoint, what is creativity?

... what is it, that I see in my mind, that seems to be
the wellspring of inspiration?

... I do believe in the Muse, but belief in the Muse to
answer the question of the source of creativity is problemsome

... it's problemsome because it poses even more questions
than it answers ... who are these Muses, these gods which
whisper secrets to us in our minds? What if this non-scientific
based theory of Muses is actually true? What if in the invisible
worlds around us, live a bunch of Muses and minor gods who tend
to the humans of earth

... Einstein said that his secret to solving paradoxes was to
envision a reality, where both sides of the paradox can be true

... Einstein also said that Depression is the wellspring of inspiration

... so beware, silencing your mind down to the point where you can listen
to the Muses, tends to cause depression

... you get depressed, because you see the truth about earth

... but creative people are also eternal optimists, so even though
things look grim, we plod onward, never giving up on our Muse-inspired

... thats where the inspiration/perspiration ratio comes into play

... inspiration comes in a flash, but you must plod forward thru Time
to bring the dream into reality on earth

... that plodding forward thru Time is what is hard

© 2012 by zentara