black friday

... black friday ... when the idea is to get everyone's mind
off of the impending doom and gloom by buying gifts for the
next great holiday coming up ... the Christmas-New Years extravaganza

... I read that the bell-ringing santa clause clowns collecting for charities
are making so much racket with their constant bell clanging, that
one store owner was forced to file a lawsuit to stop them ... it hurt her ears

... how many santas are going to be revealed as child-molestors
as the season rolls on, and the truth comes out about the people
who take santa jobs ... how low can you go

... even the pope had a joyful-season bunker-buster bomb, saying that Jesus
was probably 5 to 7 years older than we were all taught ... making his actual
birthday around 7 B.C. ... so is it even really Christmas anymore?

... and all these years I thought 32 was a magical number because that
was the age Jesus was when he died ... off by 5 all my life

... well, lucky for me, I evolved beyond the judeo-christian mythology,
and now put great meaning upon the solstice

... I live outside for the most part, and I really can see the weakening
of the sun's rays as it dips toward its minimum

... I can still sit in the sun on a sunny day, and it still feels like
a 1000 watt spaceheater

... the dogs know where to lay, they know where the early sun peaks thru the

... just like the wise amoung us know where to sit, in the sunshine radiance
of the primordial spirit, which filters through the jungle canopy of materialism,
leaving little places for the enlightened to warm their minds

© 2012 by zentara