thoughts on Thanksgiving day

... well, another Thanksgiving has come, and although
I don't eat meat anymore, and am trying to lose weight,
I still like the general holiday party atmosphere

... the only thing better than partying, is sex

... the good news is that the older you get, the
partying becomes better than sex

... youth is fleeting, youth is when sex and partying
go hand in hand... later in life sex and partying are
kept separate

... I do have alot to be thankful for, I have music, news,
a place to sleep, pretty healthy food, and I'm generally
losing weight ... and that makes me feel good

... even though I'm fat, I feel better about myself
when I'm losing weight and heading toward thinness

... so my thought on Thanksgiving to any who read this,
is don't eat too much, and tommorrow will be a better day

© 2012 by zentara