the big U

... I was reading in the news that even the apes
generally have a mid-life crisis, where they just
get depressed and un-interested in their lives

... scientists studying this, in humans, say that
their statistics show that happiness goes in a big
U shaped curve, from about age 20 to 70

... happiness starts out great and goes steadily downhill
until around 45, then starts going back up as you
head toward 70

... what could be the reasons for this? I'm guessing
from self-analysis, that the depressing thought that
you have to die finally sinks into the conciousness around 45

... and about at 45, gone is the youthful belief that one is indestructable,
... also gone is the high gear sex drive that preoccupies our minds
in youth

... if one has children, that seems to help keep you going,
getting you up and doing it for the sake of the kids, but that
is a hard way to keep motivated, as you see your kids turn
into rebellious teens and you wonder why you even wanted to
have kids to begin with

... but luckily, once you face your mortality in midlife, an honest soul
eventually realizes the value of just being alive on earth,
to smell the roses, to laugh, to party with friends

... you want to be alive, even though you know it is futile,
just for the experience of it all

... then you start to see the real beauty of how the Tao and the
universe is contructed, and it becomes even more joyful to be
alive and be a player on the stage of earth ... you find God

... you find God, because what else can you do? You realize
eventually your human existence will terminate, and naturally,
like in the movie Blade Runner, you seek your Creator for answers

... the Creator gives the answers to all those who seek, and
that increases your happiness, because you have found your answers,
the answers to the existential questions which haunted your youth

... the big U, it makes sense to me

© 2012 by zentara