getting ready for hibernation

... I just read a story about a teen girl who holds
the record for sleeping thru her entire days ... well,
almost her entire day .... she got up for a half hour
everyday to go to the bathroom and eat ... but then,
right back to sleep

... she's gone something like 68 days straight, and
the doctors are baffled

... it reminds me of my winter survival strategy,
hibernation ... just laying around most of the cold
winter days in a sleeping bag, reading books, then
falling off into dreams

... just like a bear, get into your winter den, and
go into the dream state ... it is a very efficient
survival strategy

... I read that archeologists have found that laying
around in bed is how primitive man survived the cold

... you, and your family would lay together under the
bear skins which you made into your bed, maybe with some pine bows
underneath ... then you would keep each other warm with your body
heat, only getting out for about an hour a day, when you would
do as much as you could, like get water, food, and make bathroom
calls ... all before the reserve heat in your body dissapated,
forcing you to jump back into the warm bed

... I definitely prefer my sleeping life to my awaked life,
dreams are so much cleaner than reality

© 2012 by zentara