so much happening now

... the pace of change in the world is starting to pick up,
and I don't know what topic to blather on today

... I hear that the MidEast is blowing up, the military high
command is being crucified for having sex surrogates, ADM is considering
relocating out of the US MidWest if bad weather continues, and
possibly worst of all, Hostess may liquidate

... Hostess, the manufacturer of Twinkies, Ding Dongs, bread that
builds strong bodies 12 ways, and lasts for weeks in your kitchen cupboard

... Hostess may be gone soon ... no more discount day-old bread store. Unless the
workers are willing to take concessions, the price of twinkies will have to rise,
until the people of America can't afford them ... what a catastrophe
... shouldn't Obama step in and bail out Hostess, like he did the car companies?
I mean Twinkies for America is important.

... twinkies have a great future, as they don't have to be sweet ...
you could make pizza flavored, or onion flavored twinkies, and they
would be like hot pockets, only not needing refrigeration ... great for
the troops and kids

... a beer and a pizza flavored twinkie might be just what a soldier
needs in the foxhole ... or think how tasty a cup of coffee and a hot
peanut-butter-and-jelly flavored twinkie would be ... double dark chocolate twinkies?,
hot-pepper and refried bean twinkies?, protein fortified ding-dongs?

... anyways, I say if we can save the car industry, why not save the
Twinkie-Ding-Dong-Wonder-Bread food-industrial complex? We need to
produce cheap food that the poor can afford and will keep them healthy and

... the government should get involved with making sure that the
people have tasty rations, which are cheap, healthy, and don't need
appliances to heat them up

... Do the right thing. Think twinkies, think ding-dong :-)

© 2012 by zentara