getting a sex surrogate

... I happened to watch the movie Friends with Benefits
the other day, and today in the news, I see a story about
the rising popularity of sex surrogates

... I wonder if Obamacare will cover my needs for deep
psycho-sexual satisfaction ... your fantasies made real
with no guilt, low cost

... of course, the old zen wisdom still applies:
It isn't worth a thing, unless it is freely given.

... I lived most of my life without a sex partner, but
the few times I had the opportunity to experience it, it
was good ... until the breakup occurs ... then it's a spirit
killer, as you go thru the withdrawl from your partner's

... I think that is where it all is at, in the pheronomes,
addiction to the smell of someone else's armpit

... I bet eventually, they will figure out exactly what the chemical
pheronome is, which causes you to desparately want to exchange
bodily fluids with someone, an urge probably stemming way back
to our lives as microbes ... a deep urge to share genetic material

... then there is the question of love; and as the movie Friends
with Benefits showed, people do get attached to their love object,
but it's nice that God made the world that way ... pairs are betters
than singles ... 2 by 2 onto the Ark

... maybe there is such a thing as Love Potion #9 ?

... a man's dick sure causes him alot of desire

© 2012 by zentara