and on into the Holidays

... well thank God the election is over, 8 weeks of
non-stop statistical poll reports, and blow-hard rhetoric
is almost as bad as NPR fund raising, for inducing boredom
and that dreary wornout feeling

... now, we look toward Thanksgiving, and even though everyone
is broke and poor, it still is like a shining beacon, held out
there in the not too distant future, like a lighthouse beacon in time,
pulling us forward toward the big family party, pumpkin pie, and drinking

... and then onto Christmas, New Years, and the SuperBowl parties,
then into the long boring doledrums before Easter ... that long
period where nothing happens except the too numerous basketball and hockey

... time is like this path laid out for us, repeating once every
time the earth goes around the sun, and modulated by the rotation
of the moon around earth

... the cycles repeat, but within those huge cycles, we cram in
alot of manmade karma, karma which we make, with our own free wills

... our free wills can't change the big cycles, like planetary orbits,
but we do feel like little gods, within our own little space-time bubbles

... when you think about it, we spend most of our time just waiting
for the future to occur

© 2012 by zentara